In December 2017, Projectsforce LTD has been renamed to Projectille Ltd, and its HQ has been moved to the new address on City Road, London. More information you can find here.

Since 2017, our company has been focusing in particular on consulting services, project management and supply of IT specialists. We can offer you a project management system, in particular, as an in-house system, deployed in your company, and we are ready to present you personally.

SW as Service

Companies preferring SaaS can use our solution as a service instance run in our cloud environment – prices start at EUR 280 / 20 project managers (incl. support); with an option to first try the basic (customisation-free) features before implementing and running the solution in the customer’s environment (large customers) and to move the data entered in the cloud environment to the system installed in the internal customer’s environment. 

The SaaS software features can as well be customised.

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Implementable SW

As our target customers are large corporations, the architecture is configured and structured to provide for an easy implementation of our solution in the environment of large corporations in line with the corporation policies. Large corporations are further delivered additional supreme services such as maintenance, SLA, training courses, consultations and assistance in managing the corporate projects.

Large corporations preferring SaaS can use our solution as a service instance run in our cloud environment with an option to have the system features customised to suit the corporate needs.

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Projectille Ltd.

Projectille Ltd. designs, develops and implements project management products. Projectille Ltd. works with a wide range of experts specialising in project management, analysis, implementation and related activities.

Projectille Ltd. looking for partners in various countries with which will expand the portfolio of services to their customers. Typically, but not the only type of partner company is a consulting or technology company providing services to its customers, looking for additional services to complement its portfolio of services delivered to customers.

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