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We understand your business

Our team consists of individuals that have vast experience in the technology, construction, big box retail, and human resource industries. We have combined this experience to deliver services that focus on growing your business. Our technology is fully customizable to allow us to deliver a solution that meets your needs and improves your current business processes.

Our customers have consistently been able to grow their businesses due to our system because we save them time and money. We do not only provide you with software, we help you along the way in order to develop solutions that differentiate you from the competition.

We work with your staff, partners, and vendors identifying solutions that help make the flow of information seamless and transparent. We deliver efficiency that helps everyone provide a better customer service experience.

Chad Thomas (Founder) has years of experience in the big box retail industry having been various levels of management in both locally owned lumber yards, big box national retailers, as well as having been a services manager in the NYC Metro Market.

Our application development team is a group of season professionals who continue to innovate and deliver new and improved functionality.

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We are a Veteran Owned Business

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