Lowe’s IMS Integration

ProjectsForce was developed to support the service-based industry and the unique challenges that you experience in coordinating between clients, field technicians, vendors, and business partners.

IMS is a proprietary service provided by Lowe’s and has many moving pieces. ProjectsForce has made managing IMS seamless for the independent service providers and their teams that rely on us every day.

Nearly every function in IMS can be handled directly in ProjectsForce. Our goal is for you and your team to rely on one software to manage your business without the need to work out of both.

  • Details
  • Projects
  • Work Orders
  • Refigures
  • Automated Payment Processing with QuickBooks Sync
  • Labor POs with Payroll Reporting
  • Robust Custom Dashboards and Reporting Options
  • Third Party Integrations to Services Such as FloorSoft and MeasureSquare
  • Interactive Two-Way Text Messaging
  • Interactive Phone Calling and Answering Solutions

ProjectsForce handles so much more! Please set up a demo with us today so we can discuss your exact needs and show you solutions to help you succeed!

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