QuickBooks Integration

ProjectsForce was developed to support the service-based industry and the unique challenges that you experience in coordinating between clients, field technicians, vendors, and business partners.

Our integration with QuickBooks allows for a seamless synchronization of data between the two systems:

  • Create Customers
  • Create Sales Receipts
  • Create Credit Memo
  • Create Expense
  • Create Payment
  • Create Refund Receipts
  • Create Time Activity
  • Update an Invoice
  • Create a New Product and/or Service
  • Create Invoices
  • Create Bill
  • Create Estimate
  • Create Journal Entry
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Send Invoice
  • Update a Customer Profile
  • Create a Vendor

For the Lowe’s IMS Integration invoices are automatically generated in QuickBooks once a job is completed. Once our automated payment process captures the check information, ProjectsForce will apply the payment in both ProjectsForce as well as in QuickBooks.

ProjectsForce also has payment application processes for other sources as well and we can discuss those solutions with you as they are often unique.

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